Women Long Sleeve Blouses for Office Wear

Currently, many women have a big dream to be a career woman once they have graduated from university. They usually think that getting a good job is the priority in their life besides becoming a kind wife. And appearing professionally at office is very essential to attract their boss’s attention. That’s why a smart and professional office wear should be selected well. Women long sleeve blouses probably can be a great option for your clever appearance. For women, this long sleeve office wear gives real professional appearance on you when you are at office. Let’s check those pretty smart blouses collection below.

Women Long Sleeve Blouses 2018

White women long sleeve blouses are the simplest model to pick. This white blouse is made of soft chiffon that is comfortable for you. We can wear the blouse with knee-length span skirt as the combination. Or the white blouse also will look so chic with blazer on it. The most unique part we can find on this white blouse is ruffle details. This stylish messy detail is intentionally installed around your neck and neckline area of the single closure. With a couple of buttons applied on the blouse sleeve wrist, this white blouse looks very classy to wear as an office wear sample. Don’t forget to insert the bottom part of the blouse inside your skirt or pants. Thus, it will be tidier and smarter to adore. Besides this simple white blouse with long sleeve, your office blouse also appears in darker tone. In this case, the composition of black and white tone is recommended. With black tone as the basic color, white trim and floral pattern becomes so eye catching to stare.

Women Long Sleeve Blouses Color

Women Long Sleeve Blouses designs

If you love to be the most stunning woman at the office, why don’t you wear pink and black women long sleeve blouses? This vibrant pink blouse is very gorgeous with balloon concept on the waist and sleeve part. This pink blouse is simple with single closure on the middle part of front side. Go to your office in dark mossy green blouse if you desire. This dark green blouse has a button on the sleeve. It allows you to have elbow-length at one time, and long sleeve dress cut at another time.

Women Long Sleeve Blouses Ideas

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