White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings in Favorite Style

Talking about special engagement moment, special engagement ring also must be chosen gently. White gold diamond engagement rings may appear in various designs and styles. And mostly the ring comes in favorite style no matter who is the wearer. For instance, we take women as the wearer of the engagement ring. We can see that women prefer to choose a ring with stylish design and big diamond cut on their special engagement party. With a great ring design, they usually want to show the social class of her fiancé in front of the society. No wonder that they really show off the ring in such a way for this purpose.

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Most women have similar ring favorite design. The white gold diamond engagement rings are commonly designed in slim band to cover their slim finger. The band may be plain without any detail and attachment. Sometimes, it may involve diamond grains to cover the whole part of the band surrounding the finger. With this slim band design, most women who have a rich fiancé will ask him to buy them a ring with a big diamond. Of course the dimension of diamond must be different from one to another. The bigger diamond is used on the ring, the more expensive it may be. The big diamond doesn’t only appear simply as the way it is. There will be a specific diamond cut which is applied to display the quality of the ring. Some diamond cuts become favorite style which usually chosen by women. They include princess cut with its upside down pyramid, Marquise cut with its rhomboid, sun burst cut with its stunning diamond edge detail and emerald cut with its elegance of rectangular shape.

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White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

Contrast with the women’s favorite engagement ring design, men come with his own favorite design. Men engagement ring design style is extremely simpler than women. But they can ensure the quality of the simpler ring perfectly. The white gold diamond engagement rings for men are usually designed in simple band. Luxurious slim line is attached on the band as decoration. The line may only contain of simple solitaire carving. Or it may contain of diamond grains which are installed inside the band elegantly.

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