Wedding Reception Timeline Inspirations

Wedding reception timeline is a schedule of events order that will hold during the wedding ceremony. This timeline typically consists of some events which held from the start to the end of the wedding party. Making this reception timeline for the wedding is a smart solution to keep the wedding party organized well and on time. Unfortunately, it is not all people who think that bridal timeline is useful. They prefer to believe the culture from the elder to cover the wedding events. No wonder that they can not do anything when something happen unpredictable during the party. That’s why as smart party holder, we should make the wedding timeline first to keep the others smoothly done.

Wedding Reception Timeline Example

Timing is an essential thing that must be considered in throwing a wedding reception. In this case, some events of wedding procession must be decided the order and its time. Besides of that, we also have to decide the best time to throw the reception of wedding. Ensure that all of invited guests attend without disturbing their own business or job. Weekend seems the most perfect time in throwing the wedding reception. Try to write down the wedding time in the wedding reception timeline. And then write down some traditional events among additional events in that timeline. Try to give appropriate duration for each event so that everyone in the wedding reception can accept and enjoy it. Generally, once the groom and bride come into the venue, there will be dance or orchestra as sound background. Don’t forget to discuss it with the group about the time when they should start to play and stop the music.

Wedding Reception Timeline BuffetWedding Reception Timeline of Events

There must be some people who asked to give short speech for the newlyweds and guests. They may be father of the bride, groom and bride’s best friends and other special person for them. Give them a good time to speak their speech well. And give a memo to them if their speech spends too much time or out of planned timeline time. Cocktail hour is only an hour in middle wedding reception timeline part. This hour is typically followed by the music by band, orchestra, singing group or even dance.

Wedding Reception Timeline Samples

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