Wedding Cake Pictures for your Own Bridal Inspiration

Wedding cake is one of significant items for wedding. This cake is beneficial as decorative item for your wedding venue. On the other side, this cake is a nice desert from you for all of your guests. Nevertheless, the wedding cake is just a symbol of your happiness for the marriage. That’s why we can say that the wedding cake is an optional for you own bridal. There are some couples who don’t involve a cake to complete their wedding moments. In different opportunity, some people think that a wedding will not complete without the cake. That’s why we give you some wedding cake pictures just for your bridal inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you will adopt it on the big day or not.

Wedding Cake Pictures and Ideas

Well, wedding cake is truly different from birthday cake. Since during the wedding there will be so many people who attend, that is why the wedding cake has bigger and taller dimension than the birthday cake. Some uploaded wedding cake pictures here display this fact to you. Let’s see the first delicious cake for wedding then. This cake is very tall with five tiers of circle shaped cake. Every cake has different size from one to another. The lowest cake must be the biggest cake of them all indeed. Those cakes are piled up one over another stylishly. The whole cake is covered by ivory colored fondant with unique checkers texture. As the decorative items, some small flowers in the same ivory tone are arranged elegantly on each tier of the cakes.

Wedding Cake Pictures and Prices

Wedding Cake Pictures Gallery

The next wedding cake pictures are very elegant in baby blue tone. This second wedding cake has three tiers of square and circle cakes. The lowest cake is in square shape, while two other cakes placed over it are in circle shape. The uniqueness of this wedding cake is found on the decoration idea. Unlike the previous cake above, this baby blue cake has artistic pattern drawn on the whole surface of cakes. The pattern takes floral theme. No wonder that we only can find plantation pattern over the entire part of this three-tiered wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Pictures with Flowers

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