Vera Wang Spring Wedding Dress in Blushed Tulle Concept

Vera Wang is well-known as skilled and certified wedding gown designers. She is very popular among celebrities, noble people and many more classes around the world as a trusted designer for wedding gown. She always creates ad design many dresses collection time by time with different concepts, ideas and styles. No wonder that her wedding dresses collection is very outstanding and pretty expensive for certain people. Currently, Vera Wang spring wedding dress appears as her dresses for wedding collection in spring 2018. Blushed tulle is mentioned as the main concept of Vera Wang spring dresses collection. It is because most dresses use tulle with color blush to make them more romantic and vintage.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Dress 2018

Let’s start from a long Vera Wang spring wedding dress with blushed pink tulle. The dress is basically designed as strapless ball gown. It looks elegant with wide flared skirt made of tulle. The strapless line is common with straight horizontal line. There is no sweetheart curve which precisely will make it usual as other dresses. There is only sparkling silver beading to decorate the neckline on the front side. The silver and grey beading looks very stunning on this white blushed pink tulle dress. With slim line on the waist, asymmetric concept is used to arrange the tulle artistically covering the skirt area. This asymmetric detail allows the tulle skirt flaring naturally. There is no belt application on the fit waist. In this moment, Vera Wang prefers to use stylish bows arrangement on the back side of waist. The bows arrangement has similar function as like corset closure on the back side of other dresses.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Dress Images

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Dress Ideas

Another Vera Wang spring wedding dress comes in blushed brown tulle. The brown blush accent is darker than the pink blushed dress above. Fortunately, this darker color makes the gown warmer as well as spring atmosphere. As like the blushed pink gown, this brown dress applies A-line and strapless neckline cut. The unique part of the dress is tulle cut concepts before it is attached on the gown. Basically, the tulle is cut in very long rectangular shapes. The pieces of shaped tulle then are attached to each other in layer style. Finally, those layered rectangular shaped tulle pieces are attached in such a way to cover the skirt.

Vera Wang Spring Wedding Dress Styles

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