Vera Wang Engagement Rings in love Collection

As an outstanding wedding dress designer, Vera Wang even designs wedding rings for her customers. She names her wedding rings collection as Vera Wang Love Collection. In this Love Collection, we can find numerous elegant Vera Wang engagement rings to select. We surely understand that you will be so surprised when saw it. Well, Vera Wang is very talented in designing something regarding to wedding. This fact can be seen directly through her wedding rings collection. Let’s check them below.

Vera Wang Engagement Rings Collections

In general, the design of Vera Wang engagement rings is just like other ring designs. It comes in various styles according to the latest trend. Gold still becomes main material which is typically used to make the ring. It may be in yellow or white gold of course. Titanium, platinum and silver are several materials which are also used as ring material by Vera Wang. Besides the gold and the others, diamond usually becomes the engagement ring embellishment. It always looks glorious with its sparkle effect. No wonder that the Vera Wang ring for engagement and wedding is commonly dominated by the diamond grains. One of the engagement rings by Vera Wang appears in white gold as the main material. The band of ring is intentionally designed slimy for women’s finger shape. Tiny diamond grains are attached surrounding the engagement ring band. Because of that, you can touch the texture of the diamond grains you’re your finger. With that slim band, a big diamond in round, pillow and princess cut shape decorates the ring stylishly.

Vera Wang Engagement Rings Zales

Vera Wang Engagement Rings Review

Vera Wang engagement rings come in different concept from one to another. It depends on you who want to match the design with your budget. If you want more stylish and luxurious ring model, Vera Wang offers blue opal and diamond combination for the embellishment. The diamond is bigger than the blue opal. But with this precious stone combination, your engagement ring even looks more fabulous especially with double color schemes. The ring band is also unique with three connected lines. The middle line is definitely plain, but two other lines have diamond grains surrounding them.

Vera Wang Engagement Rings on Hand

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