Vampire Costumes Ideas

Vampire costumes are a kind of costume which can be worn during Halloween event. This costume is suitable for both man and woman. If you have known about Gothic fashion style, Vampire costume is just similar with that fashion style. Generally, spooky accent is purposely created to complete this kind of Victorian ghost costume. Besides the model of the dress, you will directly know the characteristic of the Vampire dress by looking at the accessories and makeup. Fang becomes the first item that will be always found on Vampire dress no matter who the wearer.

Vampire Costumes DIY

Appearing like a Vampire in the Vampire costumes is very easy since you understand the aspects. From time to time, the Vampire dress is identical with Victorian and Edwardian dress style. For Vampire woman, the dress must appear in ball gown dress cut with various cut styles of sleeves. For Vampire man, ruffle shirt with brocade and lacy collar becomes the most recommended top style to support the Vampire costume style. For simpler appearance, wearing a set of tuxedo is enough to reflect this Vampire man costume. Cape is the next accessory which is usually found on men and women costume as a Vampire. Yet, because of some modifications and development of fashion, people don’t wear the cape and coat to support their Vampire costume. Just look at Edward Cullen now. Does he wear a vampire costume like Dracula? Red and black always become two main colors for Vampire costume. The red tone may change into several levels of red color. It usually depends on the material you use such as silk, velvet, taffeta and more.

Vampire Costumes for Teenage Girls

Vampire Costumes for Women Ideas

This time, gothic dress appears in mini skirt length cut. This kind of trendy Vampire costumes is recommended for young women. Just appear in this steam punk costume and then you will look extremely fashionable yet cool as a beautiful Vampire. Wearing a strapless A-line dress with corset is enough actually. This black dress with maroon corset looks simple yet elegant for Vampire woman. To complete this costume style, you should wear a black collar necklace with red gem, black elbow-length gloves and black boots or high heels.

Vampire Costumes for Women

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