Urban Fashion Trends for Asian Ladies

We have described some models of street fashion style in the previous article at this post. And now, we are going to explain about urban fashion trends to you. Overall, both street and urban fashion styles are quite similar to each other. How to appear properly in urban fashion style is very easy. What we have to do is to follow our desire in appearing fashionably. Today, we only focus on urban fashion style for Asian ladies. In the previous article about street fashion style, jeans become the most popular bottom wear. This time, urban fashion style doesn’t minimize the possibility to wear other kinds of bottom wear besides jeans.

Urban Fashion Trends 2018

It means you are allowed to wear trousers, skirt, hot pants, legging or perhaps shorts and dress to reflect the urban fashion trends. Well, let’s back to Korean fashion style first before explaining the urban fashion for Asian ladies. Korean fashion is very unique and extremely fabulous with its trendy cut. Perhaps, we can say that Korea is the source of the most fashionable dress in the world. And it may be true. For the evidence of that statement, let’s see some urban fashionable dresses in the pictures. The first image displays a funky yet cool woman in her baggy black long sleeved T-shirt. This black T-shirt involves round neckline with fit wrist and T-shirt end cut. This black baggy T-shirt is very simple yet fashionable with golden owl image printed on the front side of it. To match the golden accent of the graphic, this cool woman also wears camo patterned legging with much yellow and golden accent on it.

Urban Fashion Trends 2018

Urban Fashion Trends for Women 2018

Other patterned urban fashion trends are also displayed by the second picture. In the second picture, we can see a woman in black short patterned kaftan top, black legging and patterned balloon shorts. This black kaftan top has diagonal gold and white pattern which makes your skinny shape bigger. Two pieces of dress seem trendy to combine. They are white and black striped short skirt and blue one shoulder top. The woman who is displayed in the last picture wears an orange belt to complete her appearance in this urban fashion style.

Urban Fashion Trends for Women

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