Unique Wedding Ideas for Personalized Bridal Inspiration

Many creative ideas of wedding reception and party are usually the same over and over. In the same condition, they always offer similar theme, decoration and style that is so bored for some people ate the wedding. That’s why finding unique wedding ideas for personalized bridal inspiration can be a good answer to decrease such boring atmosphere during the wedding reception moment. Well, there are many ways to try when you are going to get something extraordinary in your private wedding. Let’s have fun with them then.

unique wedding ideas for second marriage

The first inspiration of unique wedding ideas is by planning a different event during the cocktail hour. Generally, the cocktail hour is typically held in the middle of the reception. In this moment, all of the guests may dance, sing even just walk around to taste foods. Let’s change this culture a bit. Arrange some tables with different shape and size in the reception venue. In this case, spreading the tables out may give a huge opportunity for the guests to know each other during the party. Place the food stations in different post to allow the guests walking around the venue and meet different guests to greet. Don’t forget to find a talented photographer to take a lot of guest pictures when they are having fun with the others. And it is such a fascinating idea to display the photos at the same time on a wall in the venue. In this special place, every guest can eventually see their pictures and enjoy their exiting moment with others only in your party.  Old photos in vintage style may be a creative and unusual idea on every guest table. These photos display many unforgettable moment of the newlyweds starting from first date until they decided to marry each other.


unique wedding ideas for guests

Put those memorable vintage photos on every guest table as table number. Don’t forget to place a booklet where the guest can write a note for the couple in purpose as one of unique wedding ideas. Those booklets can be unique keepsake for both the groom and bride. The existence of the newlyweds’ vintage photos also can be a good reason for the guests to change their sit form table to table. They must want to see every photo on the table, right.

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