Unique Bridal Sets for Lovely Couple

Choosing appropriate rings for wedding is quite difficult and even easy for some people. There are two methods which are commonly used to select the bridal rings. The first method is choosing the bridal rigs separately. In this case, both bride’s and groom’s ring have different designs and styles. This method is typically only chosen when we don’t have enough time to order bridal ring sets before the wedding. The second method is usually chosen by most couples before the wedding. It means they have enough time and money to order exclusive and unique bridal sets before the wedding.

Unique Bridal Sets 2018

Well, the unique bridal sets are certainly perfect options for your romantic wedding. It is a good opportunity to get couple wedding rings with the same design and concept. Well, we are going to give you some samples of its design. Let’s start it from the simplest one. This simple unique ring set applies Art Deco style. Both rings are made of silver with similar concept on the band exterior side. Both of them incorporate textured carving art which can be touched by your finger. The women ring applies waving vine plants as basic pattern idea. This wavy vine plant looks adorable and natural drawn along the band exterior. To match this Art Deco concept, the men ring applies leaves pattern surrounding the ring band as well. To show the feminine and romantic accent on the women ring, a very small diamond is attached on the wavy patterned women band. There is even more elegant concept of unique bridal ring sets.

Unique Bridal Sets Jewelry

Unique Bridal Sets for Women

Both the groom’s and the bride’s rings are made of yellow gold. The unique bridal sets are designed with very slim bands. Each of yellow gold bands involves stylish wavy detail. For the bride, this gold ring applies three diamond grains which are connected as ring topping. For the groom, this yellow gold ring doesn’t apply any diamond as embellishment. The groom ring is purposely designed naturally with hard carving concept. Thus, both bridal sets look unusual with that natural carving touch. Romantic accent is actually very simple to apply in bridal couple sets if you desire.

Unique Bridal Sets Rings

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