Summer Dresses in Bright Color and Pattern

Summer fashion is identical with strong color and various pattern styles. And these typical features are always found from time to time anytime the summer season coming. It is similar with this year’s summer. There will be so many women wearing dresses with vibrant color themes and unique pattern or motif styles. The most famous summer fashion motif is floral pattern. This classic pattern is generally found among the society. Now, let’s see some trendy summer dresses in those bright colors and motif styles.

Summer Dresses 2018

Yellow color reflects summer sunshine. And this bright color is energizing to wear casually. We have a stylish cotton yellow dress which is quite elastic and comfortable to wear in summer. This dress basically looks like a simple tight skirt in yellow color. With extremely long spaghetti straps, this cute summer yellow dress can be worn as same as wearing a one piece dress. Unfortunately, anyone should wear a top to cover her upper body. Fortunately, we can wear any kind of top under this trendy yellow colored dress such as baggy T-shirt or even tank top. If you want to look adorable in an outdoor wedding reception, we suggest you to wear a peach sleeveless short chiffon and lace dress. We can see the peach dress model in the second picture. This knee-length peach dress has tiered ruffle details applied on the skirt. There is no hard detail embellished on this semi formal dress. Yet, the chic white lace works perfectly to make this dress impressive. The next summer dresses probably make your drooling.

Summer Dresses for Girls

Summer Dresses for Teenagers

Although this dress is darker than the other, the application of red flower motifs on the skirt gives such a fabulous effect on this third dress. This black dress with red and pink Rose pattern is suitable to wear in formal and semi casual occasion. This dress incorporates stylish short sleeves with flared A-line skirt cut to adore. This summer dress doesn’t require many ornaments to make it gorgeous since the Rose pattern has been so perfect to do it. All summer dresses displayed in this post certainly have different concept to attract every fashionable woman. That’s why we have to be selective while picking them.

Summer Dresses for Women

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