Solitaire Engagement Ring Design Ideas

Sometimes, there are several reasons of someone to have an engagement party firstly before throwing a real wedding procession. One of which is long distance relationship. Most women prefer to keep her boyfriend engagement before letting him go away for long distance relationship. If he really loves her, a man must want to propose her to have an engagement vows. At this moment, ring is important to have. It has the same function as wedding rings as a love vow symbol. Solitaire engagement ring may be a good choice for it. Let’s find the best design idea of that ring below.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Designs

In general, the typical characteristic of solitaire engagement ring design is quite difficult to find. We usually feel that some rings in solitaire design concept just have similar look. There is no any special touch or detail which usually can distinguish the solitaire ring with another ring design. One thing which can be found as a typical characteristic of solitaire engagement band is its round band. The round band here is a part of ring which is formed in round shape. This round band is a thing that allows everyone can wear a ring on her or his finger. In this case, the solitaire ring has very slim band. And it is quite different from standard rings which typically have thicker bands. This condition is not a serious problem on the solitaire ring. The slim band precisely makes it more unique and meaningful than usual ring. Another characteristic of the solitaire ring for engagement and wedding is an artistic carved detail. This detail is commonly applied on the external side of band as decoration.

Solitaire Engagement Ring with Diamond Bands

Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings

In the other side, the application of artistic detail on the band is replaced by diamond grains attachment. The last but not least characteristic of the solitaire engagement ring is its six-prong part. This part can be found on the top of the ring. The prongs are arranged in hexagonal or round pattern to hold a big diamond as embellishment of ring. With this six-prong, it doesn’t matter if the diamond cut will be formed in any concepts including Sun Burst, Princess Cut, Marquise cut and many more.

Solitaire Engagement Ring with Wedding Bands

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