Small Wedding Ideas for Simple Bridal Party Inspiration

Small wedding ideas are specifically identical with several factors. It may be the attendance, budget and tradition of the wedding. Most people who hold a small wedding want to smaller the attendance even less than 200. In the other hand, there are some couples who want their wedding only includes family and some closest friends. And they may be less than 50 or even 30. With the fact of the wedding attendance, we can imagine how much money that will be spent for. At this rate, the budget may be less than $700 even lower. Unfortunately, throwing a small wedding party is not simple. There will be much strong responses given by your family, friend and even neighbors. Thus, make sure to get at least family’s permission for this small wedding party concept. At this moment, strong reason is necessary.

Small Wedding Ideas for Fall

The first thing that must be thought about regarding to the small wedding ideas is a wedding venue. Well, we definitely can not hold the ceremony in usual church, hotel ball or other commercial reception venue for wedding. Those commercial wedding venues even usually don’t accept small wedding with less than 200 attendances. Don’t be afraid about this fact, it is because we can be so creative to find appropriate wedding venue for this small ceremony concept. Fortunately, we can think what usual couples do not think such as boat, ship, restaurant, garden, inn, museum, chapel, home and even train. Relative’s home may be the most intimate idea to hold a small wedding. It offers very traditional and friendly atmosphere during the party. Sadly, we will require more money to rent some wedding reception objects including chairs, tables, tablecloths, tableware, tent and more. Furthermore, we also require much energy of your relatives to help you preparing the wedding at home. Well, it may be a bad idea especially for the elders.

Small Wedding Ideas for Spring

A planed vacation may be a good opportunity to hold small wedding ideas. At this rate, we typically have made the attendance lists to go with us including family, some friends and closest neighbors. A mini van, train even plane can be a good transportation to bring you and the guests to the wedding destination. But we have to spend much money to buy the tickets for all the attendances.

Small Wedding Ideas for SummerSmall Wedding Ideas for Winter

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