Ring Tattoos for Men and His Girlfriend

Ring tattoos are available to answer your question about latest fashion and style. Nowadays, we don’t have to spend much money to prove our love to beloved girlfriend or boyfriend. We only have to wear a ring tattoo which has similar couple design with your girl or boyfriend as ideal as couple ring. Ring tattoos for men may be simpler or even strange than the women’s. Of course all of those require your desire to choose modest and stylish design concept of the ring tattoos. Well, let’s check some ring tattoos design for couple below.

Ring Tattoos for Men Ideas

Chain is the first ring tattoo design which is commonly asked by some couples. If both of you love simple concept of ring tattoo design, chain ring tattoo is the best option. The ring tattoos for women is slimmer than the men’s tattoos. No wonder that the chain detail will be unclear displayed if you see it far away. But at least, women’s chain ring tattoo always looks cute as like her cute slim finger. It is different for the ring tattoos for men. Chain detail looks very clear because it is made bigger or thicker on his finger than the women’s ring tattoo. The chain combination will be displayed as like the real one. Of course with this clear detail of chain, the ring doesn’t even need embellishment detail to make it stunning. Well, everyone’s taste must be different at this concept. If you want still apply an embellishment like diamond or anything, ask the tattooists to add different color accent on it such as green, blue, red or yellow.

Ring Tattoos for Men Images

Ring Tattoos for Men Designs

Simpler design of ring tattoos for couple is available in many models. In general, they even appear in two or three stripes as the band with artistic curling in the middle as embellishment. And as like standard tattoo, the ring tattoo must be in black or grey color scheme. The design of ring tattoos for men in punk or rock n roll style is perfectly different. As like the real ring for punk men, your finger will be dominated by a big embellishment of ring tattoo. For example, you can wear a ring tattoo with a big graphic detail as embellishment. Or even you can wear a tattoo of ring with a well-known someone’s face on it.

Ring Tattoos for Men Lesbian

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