Queen Costumes for Kind or Evil Characters

Imitating a Princess is too usual to make your Halloween moment memorable. Many costumes are very attractive to wear during this yearly event. And Queen Costumes become one of those attractive Halloween costumes. The Queen and Princess dresses are actually quite similar from one to another. Yet, the Queen dress is intentionally designed more glorious and exclusive to represent the status. By watching some Historical movies or series, Queen is divided into two characters, namely: kind and evil Queen. The kind Queen is a nice Queen who always smiles and be helpful, while the evil Queen is very bad Queen who hates everything around her that does not run well as her desire.

Queen Costumes for Adults

Mostly, some adult women or teenage girls prefer to choose the Queen character based on a movie that had been watched by them. Therefore, the Queen costumes will be designed equally like the inspired character such as Queen Ravenna, Queen of Sea mermaid, Queen of Heart, Camelot Ladies, Queen Amidala, Cleopatra, and many more. Nowadays, the Queen dress doesn’t always appear in long dress and long sleeve cut concept. Even some Halloween costume designers also make a Queen Bee costume in mini dress length concept to bring more dress options for us. It depends on our desire actually. In addition, the evil Queen dress can appear in extremely sexy cut to show off your hot character. It is interesting, isn’t it? Several Queen Dress models are very incredible to choose. One of them is Cleopatra dress. It is a strapless white sheath dress with fit waist line and Hilo dress cut. This Cleopatra dress has an additional collar which is worn to cover the Queen shoulder. Black slight sash is attached on the chest area of the dress and then it is sewn along the Hilo skirt to improve the elegance of the Queen.

Queen Costumes for Women

Queen Costumes Ideas

Of course there will be some accessories that should be worn to complete this Queen Cleopatra costume such as golden headpiece, belt and unique shoes. Other Queen costumes come in evil style with sexy and much evil atmosphere on it. This kind of evil Queen dress commonly appears in darker colored material as well as the makeup style.

Queen Costumes for Halloween

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