Pink Wedding Ring Sets for Feminine Bride

Pink color is typically identical with feminine character of someone. In this case, it must be a feminine bride. Actually, becoming a feminine woman is not a serious problem. Many men even prefer to date this kind of woman no matter what. Finally, it is time for both of you in throwing a wedding procession. Why don’t you choose pink wedding ring sets to reflect the feminine character of bride? Although it is called as pink ring sets, it doesn’t always involve pink accent on the ring especially for the groom ring. Thus, guy, don’t be afraid when your bride want to wear the pink ring sets at the wedding. You will not wear the same ring design as your bride actually.

Pink Wedding Ring Sets Ideas

Some pink wedding ring sets are available in different design concepts. One of them offers stylish pink diamond which is formed into heart shape. This heart shaped pink diamond is definitely elegant. The heart shaped pink diamond is set in big size. And it is located as embellishment on the ring with four-prong holding it well. Besides that heart shaped pink diamond, this feminine wedding ring applies Art Deco detail to decorate the external side of the ring band. This Art Deco is also applied on the ring band of the groom ring. And it becomes a focal point of the groom ring since this masculine ring doesn’t involve any pink diamond as embellishment. Other pink ring set looks even more elegant with two diamond shapes combination. Generally, we always see a ring with two different stones that are combined as embellishment. This time, we are going to apply a pink diamond with different shapes to combine as ring set embellishment.

Pink Wedding Ring Sets Camo

Pink Wedding Ring Sets 2018

In simple shape, the pink wedding ring sets with different shaped diamond are elegant. It uses white gold as main material for the ring band. Artistic carving detail is applied to make the external side of band luxurious and elegant. This detail is applied on both the bride and groom rings. To distinguish the groom and bride ring, the bride ring involves pink diamond which is cut in round and pear shape. The round shaped pink diamond is located between the pear shaped pink diamonds as ring embellishment.

Pink Wedding Ring Sets Images

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