Pink Wedding Dress Collection with Corset

During Edwardian and Victorian era, a woman should wear a corset under her dress. This corset is functional to keep her body posture better while sitting and standing. On the other side, the corset is also beneficial to make a woman waist slimmer without any curve when she should wear a dress. Today, corset is certainly no longer to wear before you wear your clothes. Lately, the corset is applied as a complement of wedding dress. Yeah, this time we are going to describe some models of pink wedding dress collection with corset.

Pink Wedding Dress Collection 2018

Pink is certainly always associated with romantic and feminine bride. That’s why we discuss the pink wedding dress today. It is just for you who want to appear romantically in front of your groom and family. With the corset application, this romantic wedding dress will be sexier. Let’s see the first picture then. The first pink wedding gown is very bright in soft light pink. This A-line pink corset dress involves sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps to hold the entire weight of the dress on your shoulders. We can see that the corset is intentionally designed in semi transparent. To make this pink semi transparent corset elegant, silver details are embellished along the corset surface. Another cute part of this dress is found on the A-line skirt. This time, usual A-line skirt is combined with sheer ruffles. With no bead embellished on the ruffled skirt, overall, this romantic pink wedding dress is adorable. The next pink wedding gown comes in blushing pink style.

Pink Wedding Dress Collection Inspiration

Pink Wedding Dress Collection Sample

This pink wedding dress is very unique with deep purple abstract pattern. This pattern is applied on the corset part. Basically, this ball gown pink dress is designed as a dress with sleeveless. There are straps with low V-neckline applied on the top part of the dress. Nevertheless, the straps are made of soft tulle. That’s why the straps become pretty transparent. Three big purple bows are attached as embellishment on belt and skirt. If you want sexier pink wedding gown, we have Hilo bridal dress with studded beads corset as a focal point.

Pink Wedding Dress Collection

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