Outdoor Wedding Decoration for Ceremony and Reception

Mostly, wedding ceremony is thrown at church in the hometown. Once the wedding ceremony is done well, it is followed by the reception eventually or in the evening at the same day. Usually the wedding reception moment is held in different place, not at the church. This kind of culture seems usual in this era even for long time. Lately, outdoor wedding ideas offer simple way to throw an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception in unique atmosphere. We don’t have to rent a wedding venue at a hotel since we have a wide area outside grandma’s house to throw the outside wedding. Of course, outdoor wedding decoration is significant in this situation. That’s why we give you several inspirations of decoration ideas for outside wedding party.

outdoor wedding decoration ideas summerOutdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Time is important in planning an outdoor wedding event. Basically, the wedding reception eventually follows the ceremony in the morning. Thus, the outdoor wedding decoration is displayed clearly under natural sunlight rather than lighting. At this rate, we can benefit wild flowers to decorate the whole part of the wedding venue. Don’t forget to ensure the weather firstly before deciding the location. If you feel that it is going to drizzle, plan a tent to protect the decoration and guests during the drizzle or rain. If the weather is good, we don’t require any tent to enjoy the sunlight. Some floating balloons may look stunning at the wedding venue. Choose colorful or a specific color to fit the wedding theme. Tie up a ribbon under the balloon to add cute accent on this ornament. Colorful rose petals spreading on the aisle and dais may be necessary to bring out romantic atmosphere in the party.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration ImagesOutdoor Wedding Decoration on a Budget

Centerpiece is another decoration ornament which can be placed on every guest table. Don’t forget to cover the table with different textured sheet to personalize them. Put a table number, flower vase, candle and or a booklet as table centerpiece. At the same opportunity, the guests can write a note for the newlyweds as special wedding keepsake. The outdoor wedding decoration for night wedding reception is more attractive with various models of lighting. Try to hang some different shape and size of lanterns as night wedding decoration.

outdoor wedding decoration picturesoutdoor wedding decorations diy

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