Open Cup Lingerie Styles with Uncommon Straps Details

We have talked about various styles of sexy lingerie for wedding or honeymoon night in the previous articles before. In conclusion, every lingerie model has different concept to attract the wearer and her partner on that memorable night. It is actually similar with open cup lingerie style that will be spoken of today. Unlike the other lingerie models, this open cup night wear is truly designed without cup covering. On other hand, this lingerie will display some skin of your breast even full of your busts perfectly. There will be straps or pieces of cloth that will replace the bust cup in such a way. Due to this unique lingerie open cup style, some women feel that they may be such a dirty woman in it. Well, it doesn’t matter since you only wear it for the sake of your husband.

Open Cup Lingerie 2018

We know that you are imagining the shape of the open cup lingerie right now. And in this article, you don’t have to do that, because we have uploaded some pictures of the open lingerie for your inspiration. Let’s see the first open cut night wear at this post. This lingerie can extremely makes teenagers embarrassed due to the design. It is not like standard lingerie actually. It is just a kind of nightwear that is made of black straps. Or perhaps, we can think that some elastic straps are just worn orderly to cover your body vertically. This unique dirty lingerie is perfectly made of black lace which is beautiful and hot at the same time. There is no bra and panty designed well for this lace lingerie. There are only some straps to make your husband smile wider as well.

Open Cup Lingerie Concepts

Open Cup Lingerie for Sale

The next open cup lingerie is such a normal lingerie. Yet, there is still no cup to cover your feminine assets. This lingerie consists of two parts namely bra and panty. The panty is made of black lace, while open cup bra is made of rhinestone arrangement. The bra is intentionally made just like necklace with ornament that is formed as like a bra. There is no linen application which is combined with the hard bra. Since the bra is made of hard things, at least we should be careful when wearing it. It is because the rhinestones can hurt your fair skin.

Open Cup Lingerie Ideas

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