Off Shoulder Tops for Casual Fashion Style

Off shoulder tops are a kind of top clothing with unique sleeve cut. Basically, the top with off shoulder cut has open top sleeves cut. Or we can say that the strap or sleeve only covers ¾ parts of your arms, while another quarter part of arm is uncovered. This uncovered top arm is usually also supported by uncovered shoulder cut on the neckline. For better description, we can see some pictures below. However, every off shoulder dress has different design to choose. And not all off shoulder dress always involves uncovered shoulder cut. Sometimes, the top clothing with the off shoulder cut also involves tank top straps to cover the shoulder. So, the uncovered part for this kind of off shoulder dress is only your upper arm area.

Off Shoulder Tops Black

Well, the off shoulder tops design is typically applied on some formal dresses for evening party. The formal dress is intentionally made as a tight short dress with this unique open shoulder style. In this case, the off shoulders dress may have long, elbow-length sleeve or even sleeveless cut. It depends on the wearer desire. On the second picture, we can see the sample of formal wedding guest dress with sleeveless off shoulder cut. The off shoulder cut is made of lace. The semi transparent of lace material makes people can see your fair skin through the lace pattern. Overall, this short tight navy off shoulder dress is very elegant to be worn by young women. For your casual fashion style, the off shoulder one piece may be a nice option to wear when you have a plan to hang out with friends.

Off Shoulder Tops for Women

Off Shoulder Tops Online

Let’s see the third picture then. This picture displays a stylish pink off shoulder dress with ripped long puffy sleeves cut. This pink dress is very beautiful for feminine girl. When you are wearing this kind of fashionable dress, it can display some shoulder skin of yours perfectly. We also have a stylish sweater with off shoulder tops idea. This white and red sweater looks chic with its boat neckline and off shoulder long sleeves. We can wear hot pant under this sweater to display your sexiness.

Off Shoulder Tops Outfits

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