Men’s Wedding Rings with Diamond Attachment

Men are definitely identical with muscular and masculine scheme particularly in their appearance. Simplicity seems perfect to describe their character and personality in fashion. This fact can be seen clearly on men’s wedding rings design. Fortunately, it is not always women who love diamond as ring embellishment for wedding ceremony. Men actually also like diamond as precious stone which should be respected. That’s why in this opportunity, we are going to introduce some models of men’s wedding ring designs with diamond application as ornament in detail.

Men's Wedding Ring Designs
Men’s Wedding Ring Designs

Gold may be a basic material to make jewelry including ring for wedding. Both yellow and white gold are gorgeous to bring such valuable concept of the ring. Both gold types are suitable with diamond no matter what color of diamond is. In a picture, we can see a stunning men’s wedding rings model with horizontal arrangement of diamond grains. This wedding ring looks sparkling and pure since it is made of real white gold. The ring applies spiral design concept to make it unique and elegant. There are about five diamond grains are arranged orderly in horizontal line. Those tiny diamond grains are luxurious as embellishment on this simple man’s ring. The next gold wedding ring for men is intentionally made of yellow gold. This yellow gold ring applies old fashioned style with bigger part on the topper. This ring is actually quite soft and calm with slim ring round to hold three diamonds as topper. The masculinity of this yellow gold ring is shown crystal clearly on the diamond application. It is because the diamond frame is made rather tough contrasting the soft ring carving detail. Rectangular base diamond is installed as main embellishment. It is framed by the carved yellow gold to emphasize the old fashioned design concept.

Men's Wedding Ring Finger
Men’s Wedding Ring Finger
Men's Wedding Ring Gold
Men’s Wedding Ring Gold

Another men’s wedding rings model involves more diamonds application than the first wedding ring model for men above. This ring is made of platinum with some diamond grains surrounding the ring round on the external ring side. These tiny diamond grains are patented on the middle part of ring round. This platinum wedding ring is definitely simple but elegant with that diamond grains application.

Men's Wedding Ring Hand
Men’s Wedding Ring Hand

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