Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry Collection for Evening Party

When a woman is going to attend at a formal evening party, she must ensure herself beautiful by applying makeup and hairdo. On the other side, she also would wear a well dress which can make her stunning. Besides wearing a dress, a pair of shoes is a must. Unfortunately, her appearance will not complete without jewelry for her costume. Based on this condition, Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry collection may be great solution for your appearance. Well, this American jewelry designer knows what to do. A wide range of jewelry collection including necklace, bangles, rings, bracelet and even brooch are manufactured to match your fashion style even in casual style.

Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry Collection 2018

One jewelry type designed by Kenneth Jay Lane is bracelet. Numerous models of the bracelet are very incredible with different material, shape and color. Some samples are displayed in the pictures. The first picture shows us a simple model of bracelet by Kenneth Jay Lane. This thick bracelet is made of gold with hexagonal outer shape. Internal side of the bracelet is intentionally made in circle shape with unique texture on it. For the embellishment, some strange baby blue colored stones are installed around the bracelet. When a woman is wearing this bracelet and then rise her hand up, we sure people will immediately look at the bracelet. It is because this blue colored golden bracelet is truly eye catching. Well, other Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry collection also comes in earrings, rings, necklace and brooch. Brooch seems to be the simplest costume jewelry we can wear as accessory.

Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry Collection Brooch

Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry Collection Models

Or we can also wear a set of costume jewelry at the same time. It is better to wear the jewelry with similar tone with your dress. Or you may wear neutral colored Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry collection in order to your appearance looks balancing. It is very easy, isn’t it? Nowadays, Kenneth Jay Lane accessories are sold almost in every jewelry shops in the world. Every model has different price rate. This may be influenced by the material type, design and location where you buy the jewelry. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to collect this classy jewelry since it can make you so wonderful instantly.

Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry Collection Vintage

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