Guy Camo Wedding Band Design Ideas

Speaking of wedding ring design for men, guy camo wedding band has a good detail idea to consider. As everybody knows, camo is known as camouflage motif. This motif is typically found on military uniform. Nowadays, the camouflage motif is used to reflect army fashion style among the society. Lately, this unique pattern is used on wedding rings for both bride and groom. The camo wedding ring for the bride may be so incredible in stylish detail and embellishment. But the guy camo rings for wedding may require quite different touch from the bride’s.

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Generally, groom and bride wedding ring design is different from one to another. The bride’s ring is slimmer, but it perhaps has more details and ornaments than the groom’s. Compare with the bride’s ring, the guy wedding ring is thicker, but it comes in simpler design without too much detail and embellishment touch. We can see the difference of both the groom and bride’s ring by distinguishing the guy camo wedding band and camo wedding ring for the bride. Although both rings have equal camouflage pattern, the guy ring is perfectly more ordinary than the bride. The bride camo ring has at least a small diamond on it as ornament. This diamond is also functional to display the feminism scent on the bride ring. This concept is very contrast with the groom ring. It is because the point of guy ring is masculine concept. And the masculine concept is only displayed by applying no ornament like diamond on the ring band.

Guy Camo Wedding Band Ideas

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The guy camo wedding band is thicker than the bride’s. Semi arc accent is applied on each edge of the band. This curving accent is attached to give thicker effect on the ring. As main material, white gold or titanium is used to cover the internal side of the ring. The external side of ring is covered by patterned material like jade or something. The color of camo pattern is also available in numerous options such as white and grey, black and white, pink and brown and brown and green. Don’t you know that camo ring is perfect for spring and fall wedding theme? Why don’t you choose it for your own seasonal wedding?

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