Green Lantern Gold Wedding Bands with Diamond

Emerald is a type of precious stone. This stone is very popular due to its green color scheme. Emerald is actually similar as diamond. If the diamond can sparkle in adorable way, emerald can tempt you with its clear green scheme. No wonder that green lantern gold wedding bands become recommended option to merge your love relationship in wedding moment. Additionally, the emerald has many meanings to believe. The green color of it can make you calm and relax. The emerald also can bring the joy and happiness into your new life with spouse.

Green Lantern Gold Wedding Bands 2018

Besides its meaningful feature, the green lantern gold wedding bands are available in elegant designs. In this case, we should be selective in choosing the wedding ring band with emerald. There are some samples of gold ring with the green emerald here. One of which is a glorious white gold band with a big round emerald and white diamond grains. In basic concept, this wedding band applies old fashioned ring style with little modern cut on the band. Basically, the white gold band is intentionally designed in very slim shape. This thin band is decorated by tiny diamond grains. And finally a big platform is located on the top of ring as main embellishment. A green lantern emerald is cut in round shape. And then it is attached on the platform with diamond grains framing it. The design of this emerald gold wedding ring for bride is definitely very simple. But the simplicity of design specifically makes the ring glorious.

Green Lantern Gold Wedding Bands Images

Green Lantern Gold Wedding Bands Ideas

The green lantern gold wedding bands for men are even simpler than women’s. The band is wider and thicker to reflect the masculinity of the groom. With a thick and big platform on the top of ring, the green emerald is installed inside not on the top of it. We can say that this groom emerald gold ring applies Edwardian ring style. White gold is the most favorite band material to make this groom emerald wedding ring. The color of white gold is always suitable with the green lantern scheme of emerald stone. And of course the ring for men will be more stylish with carved detail.

Green Lantern Gold Wedding Bands Neon

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