Green Amethyst Engagement Ring for Fresh Love

Talking about engagement and wedding ring, diamond is certainly very elegant to show off. Diamond is a kind of valuable stone which is very expensive depending on the content and size. It has special characteristic than other valuable stones such as sparkling light effect and hard and smooth texture of it. Unfortunately, applying diamond as ring embellishment is too common. We can use green amethyst to replace the diamond if you still want to feel the high quality level of ring on your finger. Furthermore, green amethyst engagement ring provides such fresh scent of your love.

Green Amethyst Engagement Ring Sets

The green amethyst engagement ring looks elegant in its own way. The green scheme is very different from green of emerald. The green amethyst is lighter than the deep green of emerald. The green amethysts looks more pale with white and little green accent in it. Speaking of the ring design, the green amethyst ring comes in quite similar design as like the diamond and other gold rings for engagement. The ring band is made of yellow or white gold. Yellow gold seems to be the most favorite gold type to emphasize the green color of amethyst. The yellow gold is used to make very thin and slim band. This band ends to locate a platform with eight-prong. Those little prongs are located on the platform to grab the green amethyst in round cut. It looks very elegant though overall the ring comes in simple concept. The next green amethyst ring for engagement incorporates thicker band.

Green Amethyst Engagement Ring White Gold

Green Amethyst Engagement Ring UK

The thicker band of the green amethyst engagement ring is used to accommodate some diamond grains on the top part of ring near a big platform. Round shaped green amethyst is attached properly on the top of platform as embellishment. This green amethyst is framed by some tiny diamond grains as combination. Another green amethyst ring comes in yellow gold. The slim band is designed to hold a big platform. This platform is functional to accommodate a big green amethyst stone. To make it stunning, the green amethyst is set in emerald cut. There is no any diamond combination applied with this amethyst, but this simple gold ring looks very amazing.

Green Amethyst Engagement Rings Antique

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