Fantasy Lingerie for Your Wilder Experiencing Night

Anyone must have her or his own wild imagination about making love activity. It may be you who has wilder imagination. Or it may be your husband who has an extreme imagination about you. Therefore, to make it clear for both of you, at least you should invite your husband to play a hot game every night. And in this game, you must wear fantasy lingerie to help your husband guess what you are going to play later. Wearing lingerie with costume play concept is very attractive and challenging. Everybody can do it and it always work perfectly for your marriage life.

Fantasy Lingeries Butler

Today, we only want to give you some samples of fantasy lingerie models. The first fantasy hot lingerie is inspired by butler costume. The lingerie is designed as a one piece complete with connected bra and panty. This one piece lingerie comes in black and white color with little red accent on bow ornament. As like a surprise gift, you should also wear a red bow tie on your neck when you are wearing this butler lingerie. We believe that your husband must be very happy for your appearance. Besides the butler lingerie, there is also Santa lingerie in red and white tone combination. This fantasy red lingerie also appears as one piece lingerie with connected bra and panty. Inspired by Santa costume, this lingerie also has black belt around your waist. And it also involves white fur installed around your neckline. This red Santa lingerie is suitable for your husband’s Christmas gift.

Fantasy Lingeries Designs

Fantasy Lingeries Ideas

If you want to come in the bedroom as yourself, red fantasy lingerie would work effectively to attract your husband attention. There are many red lingerie collections which can be selected. One of them is transparent red lingerie. This lingerie is just like usual night dress with mini length and off shoulder straps. There is no hard ornament applied to decorate this red lingerie. Since this lingerie is transparent, you can provoke your beloved husband by wearing no bra under this night erotic lingerie. You can do the same thing for the panty as well.

Fantasy Lingeries Santa

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