Classy Wedding Lingerie for Elegant Bride

Classy wedding lingerie should be purchased and worn at your wedding night. This lingerie is very effective to keep your husband awake during the night. Of course everybody knows what both of you done during that night. That’s why we give you this advice in order to you can keep your marriage life durable until the golden anniversary coming. Well, for elegant women, classy lingerie is a perfect option. Generally, this lingerie model is intentionally designed luxuriously with sexy and glorious touch on it. Although most classy lingerie designs are simple, we sure you husband will love it so much.

Classy Wedding Lingeries Black

Black classy wedding lingerie shown in the photo looks definitely simpler as wedding lingerie. Nevertheless, this dark mini night wear is very eye catching especially when the neckline can show your heavy breasts perfectly. Sometimes, you and husband can play a small game before playing the main game during the night. In this plan, a woman should wear stylish lingerie like a maid to stimulate your husband lust. We have the sample of this maid lingerie shown in the photo. In black and white, this maid classy lingerie looks very attractive complete with white head band, apron and dust feather. If you want more erotic lingerie in simple model, there are two other lingerie ideas displayed in the photos. The third photo shows us a stylish turquoise and black lingerie with transparent open cup style. The whole part of this wedding lingerie is transparent actually so that you can not hide anything on your body from husband. That’s why we call this dress amazing.

Classy Wedding Lingeries Maid

Classy Wedding Lingeries Turquoise

The application of black lace on certain appropriate spots of this classy wedding lingerie is nice. However, although this dress has long sleeve cut, it doesn’t influence anything to your husband when he has seen you in it. Classy lingerie for wedding night is totally transparent in white. There is only a satin ribbon surrounding your belt to cover your belly. But actually it doesn’t hide anything on your skin at all. Without wearing a bra, every bride may wear white loincloth under this transparent dress.

Classy Wedding Lingeries White

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