Chinese Dresses, Cheongsam Styles for Mandarin Ladies

Cheongsam dresses or also known as Chinese dresses, Cheongsam is a kind of one piece dress which is designed tightly fit on a woman body. The male version of this Chinese dress is called as Changshan dress. This dress is typically designed in mini, short, midi or longer length cut. In English, this Chinese dress is popular as Mandarin dress. Many people especially Chinese wears this one piece dress for special formal occasion such as Chinese New Year and wedding or other formal party. The characteristic of the Chinese dress is very easy to recognize. It is because this Mandarin dress is full of oriental sense.

Chinese Dresses, Cheongsam 2018

In the past, the Chinese dresses, Cheongsam is only worn by women who come from high class society. A variety of Cheongsam can describe the status or level of society class of the wearer. Nowadays, the Mandarin dress is worn by anybody no matter what the level of society and status in the society. Even Western people also can wear this Chinese one piece as desire to respect the Chinese special occasion or just for fashion style modification. Ideally, the Cheongsam dress is made tightly to cover a woman’s body. It applies high side cut concepts to show off the wearer’s fair long legs. Unique collar cut of the Chinese dress becomes a typical trait which can distinguish this dress from other dresses. It usually involves some buttons down from the Chinese collar for the closure. For several models of the Mandarin dress, it comes with embroidered or glossy line applied over the whole part of the dress as decoration.

Chinese Dresses, Cheongsam Long

Chinese Dresses, Cheongsam Modification

In this modern era, the Chinese dresses, Cheongsam appear in more fabulous silhouette. Now, we will not find the Mandarin dress with tight dress cut, but A-line just like usual cocktail dress. Yeah, nevertheless, the point of Chinese neckline style is still applied to bring that main characteristic of the Cheongsam. For the sleeve cut, the normal or standard Mandarin dress is usually made with sleeveless or short sleeves cut. Yet, following the latest trend and alteration, the Chinese dress appears in stylish sleeve cut and sometimes modified skirt cut.

Chinese Dresses, Cheongsam Short

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