Celebrity Wedding Rings in Amazing Style

Celebrity is certainly very attractive to be a hot topic in many gossip magazines, television channel, radio, and internet. Many people will speak of them anywhere and anytime they meet each other. Well, wedding is one of favorite topic regarding to the celebrity life topic. This wedding topic commonly involves anything the celebrity wears at bridal moment such as dress, ring, shoes and other accessories. Celebrity wedding rings seem to be something interesting to discuss here. Well, celebrity always becomes popular entertainer among the society. Many people including the celebrity’s fans must want to imitate what their celebrity wear, say or do everyday. And it doesn’t matter if you are one of their fanatic fans. And even it doesn’t matter if you want to imitate their wedding ring model for your own marriage moment.

Celebrity Wedding Rings for Women

Well, there are many celebrities live around the world. It means there will be so many celebrities who have married or engaged. Why don’t we start this discussion from Beyonce wedding ring? We have particularly discussed about Beyonce engagement ring with its emerald shaped diamond. Lately, we are going to talk about Beyonce wedding ring design. Compare with her engagement ring design, the celebrity wedding rings a la Beyonce is extremely different. In this case, different means perfectly more beautiful and luxurious. How is it? Beyonce appears after her marriage in very fabulous crown shaped diamond wedding ring. This marriage ring is very elegant with wider band and more grains of diamond covering it. It even looks dominating half part of Beyonce’s finger due to the thickness of ring band. The ring generally is made of white gold. And it forms as like a mini crown. The crown consists of some grains of diamond and something in bronze spreading between the diamonds.

Celebrity Wedding Rings Photos

Celebrity Wedding Rings Men

Kim Kardashian is a beautiful mature celebrity which can give us another celebrity wedding rings design inspiration. As like her sister, Khloe Kardashian, Kim also wears a diamond wedding ring in emerald diamond cut. This diamond ring is very elegant in metallic white. It is certainly full of white diamond and gold. Furthermore, its emerald cut concepts allow us to see the big size of diamond crystal clearly on her finger.

Celebrity Wedding Rings Pictures

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