Celebrity Wedding Cakes in Incredible Designs

In the previous article, we have known that not all celebrities have the same taste when they are going to throw a wedding party. Some of them prefer to hold a simple and small party than the others. Some other celebrities love the opposite thing from the others. They want to throw an extraordinary wedding party that will be different from the others. That’s why in this party they try to set all things as incredible as possible including the cake. Here they are some incredible celebrity wedding cakes which can be imitated as you want.

Celebrity Wedding Cakes 2018

The first uploaded picture shows us one of many incredible celebrity wedding cakes. It is a huge wedding cake which takes beach concept as the cake theme. We can see the theme concept from the installed decorative items on it. Yeah, there are many seashells, corals and other items which are usually found at the beach. Those items are stuck on the whole parts of the huge cake. Well, this cake is basically made of five tiers of big circle cake. Those big cakes are arranged to pile each other. As the cake topping, a huge seashell is placed so that all the guests can see this huge cake from any point of view. The decoration of this huge cake doesn’t stop in that very big seashell. There are still so many sticks with tiny flowers or stars on the tips. These sticks are finally stuck on the entire surface of the wedding cake.

Celebrity Wedding Cakes Designer

Celebrity Wedding Cakes Photos

The next celebrity wedding cakes in incredible designs come in smaller dimension than the first cake model. Let’s see the last picture of wedding cake a la Celebrity. There, we can see a very tall wedding cake in black and white colors. This tall wedding cake is inspired by a kind of tower. It consists of eight cake tiers in similar dimension. That’s why this cake looks very tall those cakes. The basic color of the cake is white with black chocolate tone on certain parts of the tower cake. To beautify this tall tower cake, some tiny edible daisy flowers are installed to contrast the black tone of the cake.

Celebrity Wedding Cakes Pictures

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