Celebrity Female Wedding Rings in Emerald Cut

Celebrity always becomes a hot topic no matter where we are. This public figure has an important role to ensure our entertainment in the whole life. Well, they are certainly entertainer for people around the world. They entertain us by singing, acting, hosting, talking, laughing and even crying. However, celebrity gossip or their life is always attractive to follow including their love relationship with someone. Besides their marriage and family gossip, fashion becomes the most favorite topic which is commonly followed by many people. Celebrity female wedding rings are kind of wedding jewelry which is included in celebrity fashion trend. And it becomes more interesting when a celebrity has a scandal regarding to their marriage life and fashion.

Celebrity Female Wedding Rings 2018

Well, talking about the most popular design of celebrity female wedding rings, emerald cut seems very famous among the celebrity. Some popular female celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Beyonce wear engagement and wedding rings in similar concept. That concept is called as emerald cut concept. This emerald cut is typically applied on the ring stone ornament. Many types of stone for embellishment are available for you. One of which is diamond. Diamond is the most general precious stone which is commonly used as a ring ornament. It has a specific characteristic as a precious and popular ornament of ring. The first typical characteristic of diamond is its sparkle and clear accent. These accents give such elegant and expensive atmosphere on the diamond. No wonder that diamond looks very precious and luxurious.

Celebrity Female Wedding Rings Images

Celebrity Female Wedding Rings Ideas

The celebrity female wedding rings are very outstanding with the emerald cut diamond. This diamond cut is actually simple. It is made in rectangular shape. And it has unique detail on the edge of diamond. This kind of diamond cut is usually applied as ring topping. It is located on the top of ring with four to six prongs holding it tightly. Unlike the diamond size, the ring band is made of white gold. It appears in slimmer band to accommodate the big diamond cut. The point of the ring concept here is a way of how to emphasize the shape of diamond through slimmer and slighter band surrounding your finger.

Celebrity Female Wedding Rings Styles

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