Celebrities’ Fur Coats with Animal Prints

Have you ever watched Dalmatian movie? Well, in this movie, there is an antagonist character namely Cruela Devil. She was a rich woman who loved animal print from real animal leather, fur, even feather. The movie told that Cruela had a big plan to design a fashionable long coat using Dalmatian dog fur. Of course that is just a story in the movie. In the real life, taking animal’s life is forbidden especially for extinct animals like Jaguar, leopard, puma, tiger and more. Nowadays, animal print is certainly still popular among the society. Even some celebrities think that they may improve the appearance quality by wearing animal printed dresses including celebrities’ fur coats.

Celebrity Fur Coats Images

Yeah, we can see several images attached with this article which show us some samples of the celebrities’ fur coats with animal print. Hey, don’t be afraid about the prohibition of wearing real animal printed coat. All animal printed fur coats worn by the celebrity is just replica or imitation. We can call it as faux animal fur or leather. It is just a synthetic leather or fur with animal print. Thus, we don’t have to worry that someday some polices will come to our houses because you have worn this faux animal printed fur coat. The design of the fur coat with animal print is just similar as usual. There will be a long coat with long sleeves and high neckline cut. And there will also much fur is installed on one or both internal and external sides of the coat. The fur pattern is just a decorative complement to make the coat more exotic and fashionable.

Celebrity Fur Coats Photos

Celebrity Fur Coats Pictures

There are several differences that usually will be found on the design of the celebrities’ fur coats. Ideally, a standard coat has closure located on the front side. It is quite different with the fur celebrity coat. If you have full fur coat, commonly this coat will not involve any closure hardware like zipper or buttons on it. The coat just has a single breast cut without any closure item to keep us warm instantly. We should grab both closures to keep our front body warmer when we are going to outside in winter.

Celebrity Fur Coats Replica

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