Camo Diamond Wedding Rings in Jade

Jade is very popular in China. It is kind of a precious stone with unique texture and look. Jade commonly appears in neon green scheme. Sometimes, it is available in some colors such as pink, blue and brown. In China, jade is used as jewelry embellishment. It is usually used as pendant on necklace and earrings, beads on bracelet and ornament on ring. Jade has unique and relaxing meaning according to Chinese. The green jade can brings much luckiness on you. Thus, why don’t you choose jade as your wedding ring main material? Camo diamond wedding rings may be a good media to apply the lucky jade.

Camo Diamond Wedding Rings 2018

The camo diamond wedding rings are definitely more unique than usual gold rings. It has special unique detail on the exterior part of the band. Without any ornament attached on it, the camo ring can attract your attention instantly by its color. Well, it is true that main material of camo ring is unusual. Jade has big possibility to become the camo wedding ring base material. The camo diamond ring for wedding will display much charm on your new life with beloved spouse. In addition, the camo wedding ring is available in various color schemes such as pink, grey and yellow. We can choose the variant of color by the wedding theme or season. For the design, the camo wedding ring comes in gorgeous designs. With fabulous jade as its basic material, there is also white gold which is used to combine. The white gold material is usually applied on the interior part of the ring band. The first layer of ring uses the white gold, whereas the second layer or top coat uses jade with camo pattern.

Camo Diamond Wedding Rings Ideas

Camo Diamond Wedding Rings Designs

To give luxurious accent onto the camo diamond wedding rings, a small diamond grain is installed inside the band. On the other hand, the diamond may be attached on the surface of band so that we can touch it. Both diamond application concepts have the same effect to make the camo ring adorable. Modern trend of camo wedding ring doesn’t involve any diamond as ornament. It appears in deep pink scheme with stylish leaves motifs in brown to decorate it. We can see it on a picture in this article.

Camo Diamond Wedding Rings Styles

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