Black Wedding Ring for Emo Themed Bridal

Black wedding ring seems unusual to hear in your daily life. Most people usually choose standard ring which is made of gold, silver or other metal material for their engagement and wedding rings. Well, the black ring for bridal is certainly different from usual ring concept. This dark ring is typically designed only for special themed wedding such as gothic or emo bridal. In this wedding, the couple certainly wants everything regarding to the wedding is in dark scheme including the ring of course. No wonder that black wedding band is only popular among this emo and gothic lover society. Thus, what’s make this ring different from standard ring?

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In general, the black wedding ring and standard ring design is similar. The difference is only on the color of the ring band and embellishment. We usually find a ring set which is dominated in silver or metallic and bright scheme on the embellishment. The black bridal ring uses black as the basic color of ring. That’s why we find that this ring model is very dark even on the entire part of it such as band and ornament. Wood is the simplest material for this emo wedding ring. Wooden ring is very unique with its natural material. Furthermore, the wooden ring is easy to paint in various colors including black. The wooden ring is also slighter and cheaper than metallic ring. And it must be so comfortable for you. The design of the wooden black ring is simple. It is only made with thick band and curving accent to smoothen the texture. As like other simple ring, this wooden ring for wedding doesn’t involve any ornament of stone to beautify it.

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The second design idea of the black wedding ring incorporates emerald as the ring ornament. Black gold is used to bring much deep color accent onto the ring. The band applies wavy and curly concept to make it luxurious and unusual. Meanwhile, this black wedding band applies the green emerald as ornament on the top of ring. It looks very stunning with vibrant color than black. And we can say that this green ornament may be a focal point of the black ring.

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