Beyonce Engagement Ring Design for Your Own Ring Idea

Beyonce is a very famous singer in Hollywood. Although in the real life she has been married and had an amazing baby named Blue Ivy, her engagement and wedding moments are still discussed by many media. Well, Beyonce engagement ring is what we are talking about in this article. As like her, Beyonce ring for engagement is also popular among women and fans. Most common women want to appear elegantly like Beyonce by wearing the same ring for their own engagement party. And it doesn’t matter at all to imitate Beyonce’s ring design.

Beyonce Engagement Ring Cost

We can visit eventually a trusted ring and jewelry shop. Don’t forget to bring Beyonce engagement ring image. And then give it to the ring designer at the jewelry shop to imitate it for you. We can even add some modification and new innovation on the ring as you wish to make it more stunning and elegant. It is up to you. Try to be creative at this since it is your own engagement. And it must be very special for both of you. Now, let’s check the engagement ring of Beyonce here. For engagement ring, Beyonce ring is very luxurious in design. And of course when it is about price, Beyonce can be proud of it. It must be extremely expensive than you can expect. Basically, the ring design is simple with very big transparent stone as like crystal as the embellishment. The ring band is made of white gold with unique band detail surrounding her finger. With double band accent under the embellishment, this modest ring looks very pretty.

Beyonce Engagement Ring Price

Beyonce Engagement Ring Details

In general, this simple ring doesn’t look ordinary with that big embellishment. The embellishment stone is cut in rectangular shape. It is held by four-prong platform to keep it save attached on the ring. The rectangular shaped stone is very clear. We can see anything through it. It looks like a crystal, but it has sparkling accent as like diamond. Beyonce engagement ring is able to be imitated if you want. But if you want it more stylish, we can add some diamond grains and detail on the slim band instead of letting it plain.

Beyonce Engagement Ring Size

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