Beautiful Marriage Rings in Gold

Gold is very popular around the world. This precious matter is very valuable and expensive. It is typically used as material to make jewelry such as necklace, bracelet, earrings, headpiece and also ring. Beautiful marriage rings are perfectly available in various styles and designs. We can choose one of them to match desire and budget. However, the gold ring will be cheaper, if we can find appropriate model to apply on it. Well, here they are some design ideas of beautiful wedding ring sets in gold.

Beautiful Marriage Rings for Men

Gold is divided into two depending on the color. They are yellow and white gold. The beautiful marriage rings are usually made of one of those gold types. In fact, gold combination currently becomes more famous than single gold application. Well, we have a wedding ring sets which involve yellow and white gold combination as main concept. We can call this marriage ring as a classy ring due to its design. The ring basically consists of two gold types, yellow and white. As basic color on the ring, the white gold is chosen to dominate the ring. The yellow gold is only used as ornament and accent on the white gold. Two slim lines of yellow gold are attached between the white gold along the round band. Every line has a small diamond grain as ornament. In conclusion, each gold ring has two lines of yellow gold and two grains of diamond as ornament. It is definitely true that the design of ring is very simple. But indirectly, this beautiful and simple ring is very classy.

Beautiful Marriage Rings Pictures

Beautiful Marriage Rings for Women

Another classy concept of the beautiful marriage rings also come in two types of gold. The difference of this ring and the previous ring above is in the application of yellow gold line. This time, the gold ring only involves a line of yellow gold along its white golden band. This ring also doesn’t require any diamond grain to decorate the yellow gold line. This marriage ring looks quite adorable with only this gold combination as main design concept. If you prefer to wear diamond ring, there is an amazing diamond wedding ring which is displayed on a picture here.

Beautiful Marriage Rings Sets

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