Art Deco Wedding Bands for Women Innovation

Art Deco is a kind of decoration style which usually incorporates artistic carving and details as its typical characteristic. The Art Deco style is commonly applied in home design. Currently, Art Deco comes as ring design concept. Art Deco wedding bands for women must be very adorable to pick as your love symbol in wedding procession. Have you been able to imagine the design of Art Deco ring? If you haven’t, you will see it properly in some explanation paragraphs below.

Art Deco Wedding Bands for Women 2018

The Art Deco wedding bands for women always look cute with curling and plant patterns detail. These stylish details become pretty unique in your romantic spring wedding. The wedding ring in Art Deco is purposely simpler than usual white gold wedding ring with diamond. In basic term, the Art Deco wedding ring emphasizes the detail of the band rather than embellishment as a focal point. It means we will see less embellishment like diamond and some stones on every ring with Art Deco concept. Generally, the Art Deco wedding ring comes in slimmer band than usual. This band may come in white and yellow gold, silver and titanium. Titanium and silver give darker metallic accent on the band than gold. Basically, a specific pattern is applied on the external side of the band. The pattern is very small and difficult to make. It is purposely drawn in detail. The pattern commonly involves various designs of plants such as leaves, branches and flowers. Those plant models are drawn with stylish curling and curving.

Art Deco Wedding Bands for Women Images

Art Deco Wedding Bands for Women Designs

Sometimes, besides applying stylish plants pattern, the Art Deco wedding bands for women also incorporate diamond or other precious stone. Those precious stones are functional as decoration or something which can bright the pattern of the band. The diamonds and other stones come in grains to match the pattern detail size. Another style of wedding ring in Art Deco concept comes in innovative idea. This innovative idea allows the ring designer to make double or triple lines as base band shape. With more lines of band, it means more details are drawn elegantly to decorate each line of bands. And we can conclude that more details mean more expensive price rate of the band.

Art Deco Wedding Bands for Women UK

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