Aquamarine Engagement Rings for Fall Wedding

Following the atmosphere in autumn, aquamarine engagement rings can be a good option to bring cold accent into your love moment. Of course it doesn’t mean any negative term in cold concept. The cold concept of aquamarine means fresh love relationship which can be durable forever starting from this engagement moment. Aquamarine stone is very adorable to be your engagement ring ornament. It has lighter color tone than sapphire. As like amethyst which is lighter than emerald, aquamarine can give soft and calm nuance on your white and black skin tone.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings Antique

Don’t worry about the design of your engagement ring. The aquamarine engagement rings appear in various styles to match your desire. One of which is elegant yet affordable for your budget. This stoned ring is made of yellow gold. The yellow gold is intentionally used to cover the round band of ring. As the ring ornament, aquamarine is set in pillow cut. It looks very stunning and cute at the same time. The pillow shaped aquamarine is attached on the ring four-prong platform. To give such sparkling accent surrounding the aquamarine, some white diamond grains are arranged to frame the aquamarine. The diamond grains are very tiny so that they only appear as like dots surrounding a quite big pillow shaped aquamarine. The next aquamarine ring for engagement comes as ring sets. Basically, the ring is divided into two based on the wearer. Both rings are made of white gold with diamond grains as ornament. Artistic pattern is carved on the top part of the ring. And then a big aquamarine in princess cut is attached between those carved parts.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings Vintage

Aquamarine Engagement Rings Zales

Men ring has no aquamarine attachment as like the women’s ring. The engagement ring for men only applies the same artistic carved detail to replace the aquamarine application. Another idea of aquamarine engagement rings is even simpler than both ring ideas above. A big round shaped aquamarine seems enough as embellishment on a white gold. Three diamond grains are arranged in triangle shape and they are attached on both sides of the aquamarine stone. There is no specific pattern carved along the band. The engagement ring is fabulous though it appears in simpler concept.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings Price

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